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FREE Banano Cryptocurrency, Daily Update

Welcome to, we give you Banano for FREE here. We uploaded a scannable screenshot of the Banano paperwallet that contains some BAN every day. You just need to find out where it uploaded. You will be provided with the hint and instruction.

Banano Paperwallet, Free Banano Cryptocurrency

Daily update: 09.00 PM (UTC+8).
Initial Reward: 219 BAN.

Is this mystery paperwallet already claimed by someone?
Check it on Banano network explorer – Here.
The amount of “BAN pending” is amount Banano that you can claim from the paperwallet.

*If the paperwallet is empty, you can try again tomorrow.
*Tutorial on how to redeem Banano paperwallet, please visit

Check on the hint below. Your answer will be the hint to find a link that contains a scannable screenshot of the mystery paperwallet. For example, your answer is “I love Banano”, so the link will be No space and lowercase only.

Bananobet, Banano Faucet and Betting Platform

The hint for today’s mystery paperwallet is:
HINT 1: Find me on Bananocurrency.
HINT 2: Social media.
HINT 3: Instagram.

*It will be always related to Banano.

Feel free to send some Bananos to this wallet. Your BAN will be added to the prize pool of today’s mystery paperwallet. Click or scan the QR code with Kalium to contribute.

Banano Paperwallet, Free Banano Cryptocurrency
Telegram user @Sutiman.

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